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The Halfdan B Phase Development Project
Oil & Gas

Scope of Work:
  • Halfdan project is one of the fast track project executed with high quality & safety standards. This module was to be installed for offshore of North sea.
  • Total Piping of 70,000 Dia Inch & relevant Pipe support fabrication and installation works for topside modules & Bridges.
  • Piping Material for the whole project was Low Temperature Carbon Steel (LTCS).
  • Manpower of 5 Engineers, 10 Supervisors & 200 front end work forces were involved in successfully completing this project.

TTP Platform Thiland Piping Hookup Offshore Works
Oil & Gas

Scope of Work:
  • Complete Offshore Piping Hook-UP work and pre-commissioning
  • Piping material used are CS, LTCS, SS & Cu Ni
  • Manpower supply of 3 Engineers, 5 Supervisors and 50 Workers
  • Jun 2006 – Oct 2006

Oil & Gas

Piping & equipment erection on modules was the main scope of work including hull works.

FPSO Cidade De SAO Mateus - Prosafe
Oil & Gas

The main scope of work was man power supply for Piping & equipment erection and installation on TOP side of the FPSO with testing and commissioning activities. This project was very challenging as we completed this project in fast track (4 months) to support our client for them to release FPSO in time.

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