Why Join Us

Investing in human capital is our HR philosophy. We believe a diverse workforce is one of our greatest strengths. A diverse corporate culture will stimulate creativity and enable us to reach out to customers globally. 

We welcome individuals from different backgrounds to the JML family. Interested applicants are requested to send applications to [email protected]

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Our People

Our people are at the heart of everything that we do. We are highly driven individuals who inspire each other to achieve the best we can in all our endeavours. No matter your role in the organisation, our camaraderie, and collaborative work environment synergistically ensures that everyone’s potential is maximised and excellence is achieved. 

We are open to people from different cultures and ideas. We understand the true value of people integration, inclusivity in our workplace and unity in teamwork. Our diversity is one of the main elements that make us a highly dynamic company that can live up to all challenges posed by the industry. 

Our Environment

We believe in workforce diversity and our strength is built on these differences that generate new ideas and creative solutions for our increasingly diverse clients.

Our work culture remains as one with drive, commitment and perseverance, yet in parallel, upholds the mutual respect and tolerance we have for one another towards the differences in cultures and values embedded in our workforce.

Safety is and will always be paramount in JML! We are unrelenting in our pursuit to develop a safety culture in our workplace, with the aim to achieve “zero accident”, free of incidents/injuries in all our operations globally.

People Development

We recognise that the success of JML is attributed to the collective efforts, commitments and contributions of our employees. Our employees are therefore an asset we value highly and we make it our utmost priority to develop their potentials and key competency skills.

We place a strong focus on developing human resources with the aim to build a stronger workforce by establishing comprehensive human resources initiatives to provide continuous professional development.

We offer competitive rewards according to individual and company performance and a wide range of attractive benefits in medical, group term-life insurance and group personal accident insurance.