NSRP Defect Confirmation Shutdown Management Works

In order to meet statutory and operational requirements, NSRP Vietnam has undergone Defect Confirmation Shutdown Maintenance. The intention was to identify all potential defects and rectify as many as possible during DCSM for 32 days.

Key Highlights:

A) Flare Drum Replacement Works
Replacement of 76 Ton Flare seal Drum without modification of 92” overhead-outlet line. Non-intrusive techniques of lifting 90-Ton piping works together with heavy lifting activities were carried out. With meticulous planning by the JML-STO Professionals, the herculean task of drum replacement was accomplished within time schedule.

B) Digital Technologies: J-STORM
JML enabled the theme of Industrial-4.0 digital technologies combined with data-driven insights captured through I-Pads for Progress Monitoring on real time. JML indigeniously built platform J-STORM was used for real time progress monitoring and updates at a granular level. iPads were used not only for Progress Reporting, but also for Quality Inspection, Safety Sharing and Awareness. This is first ever use of Mobility Device inside this particular refinery for STO Management. 

C) CCR- Catalyst Replacement Works:
JML coordinated and managed specialist resources such as 800 Ton crane and qualified expertsie for Catalyst Works, keeping the overall schedule for CCR-R on track, for completion of uphill task of Catalyst Loading and Expansion Joint Replacement works.