Air Preheater Replacement at Energy-from-Waste Plant

Successful Project Completion: Air Preheaters Replacement at EfW Plant, Sembcorp Industries

Sembcorp Industries (SCI) – SUT Division is a utility supplier to various chemical & petrochemical customers and SUT was planning to improve the efficiency of combustion of low calorific value waste for EFW facility in Jurong Island.

JML was awarded the replacement of existing air preheaters on each EFW Boiler, a total of 2 units. The scope of works includes engineering, procurement, construction, inspection, calibration, testing, flushing, cleaning and commissioning of BOP facilities such as HP steam line, condensate line, blow down line also require to interconnect the new air preheater (APH) and the existing facilities and installation of new air preheaters and equipment supplied by B&W and related civil works.

Work was commenced in Jun 2019 and completed by Dec 2019. The timeline of the project was tight as both the Boiler units were under operation; the shutdown period was only 21 days and within that period JML needed to dismantle the existing air preheaters and install new air preheaters and associated equipment with necessary BOP piping tie-ins which involves heavy lifting inside the plant. However, both the units were successfully replaced on schedule without any delay.

We successfully clocked 75,000 manhours without LTI. Mr. Nagappan, CEO JML, joined the celebration and appreciated all the workers who made it possible for having zero accidents and mentioned that 75,000 manhours may not be huge but reaching that without LTI is the success