Sembcorp Multi-Utilities Facility (SMUF) Decoupling Project
Project Introduction: 

As a part of business development efforts, SCI decouple existing Sembcorp Multi-Utilities Facility (SMUF) at Banyan (which typically produces steam, cooling water and DM water) from Sembcorp Combined Cycle Cogeneration Plant-3 at Banyan (plant located across the highway), Sembcorp Banyan Waste Water Treatment Plant (BWWTP) and integrate with SAR2  (ExxonMobil) facility. In the process of decoupling SMUF some piping tie-in are located, modified or rerouted to meet new objectives. Similarly, some cables are  rerouted outside the new set boundary of SMUF and control system modification for the similar reason.

JML was awarded as a main contractor for the above said EPC scope of works on 07 August 2018 by Sembcorp Industries Ltd.

Process Principle:

SMUF facility is built and owned by SCI at Banyan, Jurong Island for generation and supply of various utilities such as HP steam, Cooling Water, DM water, BFWater, Fire water etc. SMUF infrastructure typically consist of Steam Boilers, which can take multiple fuels, Cooling Tower, DM plant, Condensate heat recovery system, Fire water tank, pumps and Raw Water tank and pumps. SMUF facility is currently operated by SCI using CCP3 control Room and from local control room located at SMUF. 

Due to Transfer of all SMUF assets to new Entity  SAR2,  it is necessary to decouple SMUF facility from SCI’s rest of the operating and control facility i.e. CCP3 and BWWTP inspite of decoupling of SMUF facility and its amalgamation to SAR2 facility, DM water and Fire Water shall continue to be supplied to SCI facility and SCI’s customers. This make it necessary to carry out modification work in in mechanical system, piping modification, isolation, controls and instruments, cabling works, power cable rerouting works.