Innovation: Construction of GFS Storage Tank

In 2019 JML was awarded a pilot project, Construction of Hydrogen Generation Plant, by Chiyoda, Japan. One of the key components was EPC for Fire Water Tank BND-T52 with a storage capacity of 1150m3. As per the RFQ datasheet, the tank should be designed and constructed using welded steel with an estimated weight of 51 tons and a construction duration of 3-4 months.

With the collective efforts of our engineers and out of box thinking, JML designed and proposed Glass Fused Steel (GFS) storage tank with bolted construction in place of a welded steel storage tank. Through this new approach, the weight of the tank has been reduced to 25 tons and constructed in less than a month.  In the end, the client is happy as JML saved cost and time.

Tangible Benefits:

  • GFS tank costs only around 40% of the conventional tanks due to less weight and construction cost
  • Manufacturers are giving 10 years warranty on the GFS coating which is highly resistance for corrosion, erosion, etc
  • Easy to maintain and repair as an individual panel or section can be removed and replaced
  • Minimal usage of scaffolding and crane which will reduce risk factors during construction

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